01/06/2016 Tableau Phone Interview Round 2


面的是spring fresh grad 2016的software engineer职位

logical and vs bitwise and ( vs )
what is virtual memory
how override method works (答案要提到 virtual method table)
binary search tree vs hashtable(performance, how do you decide when to use which)
how much would you resize hashtable to reduce collision to an acceptable rate
what is encapsulation
advantage/disavantage of encapsulation (bonus)
what is polymorphism
what is the two most commont data structures you use, and why
given n html files, find all the phone numbers in there(我说在unix里你可以直接在cmd用regex, 他就问别的enviroment不行吗? followup: how would you do it in a programatic way, and how would you test that you actually get valid phone numbers)

面试官电脑巨卡花了十分钟打开coding hire.. 就做了一题leetcode的clone grap

面试官后来说他的team刚被reorg, 然后他在tableau主要做building tools和tableau software的compiler的

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