OpenX [Full-Stack Engineer] [HR PhoneInterview]


首先感谢版上的小伙伴,HR 面试的内容是一样的。

July 31 (周五)在 LinkedIn看到的信息,在公司网站上投的简历,然后 Aug 4 (周二) 发来的邮件说要 HR phone screen.

时间: 半小时 类型: Phone HR: Kim

让我选自己擅长的语言,我说Java, 然后是Java的题目
1. Two major differences between StringBuffer and StringBuilder ?
StringBuffer is synchronized, StringBuilder is not; StringBuffer is safer, StringBuilder is faster.

2. Two major subclasses under class Exception?
IOException and RuntimeException.

3. When will you use keyword `throw` in java?

4. Two major differences between constructor and method

5. What traffic sign will you use to describe yourself? Stop sign, yield sign , or whatever?

6. What area do you think you need improve yourself, it can be professional or personal.

结果: 得益于小伙伴的面经,应该是通过这一轮了。电话最后跟我说会安排两轮的coding exercise。