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问了很多behavioral question, 我被问到的:
You have 5 things to be done. Which one do you do first?

When did you take feedback from others? What were the results?

Explain any project you had worked on?

How do you approach if a client encountered an error in the application? How do you approach if a client encountered multiple errors in the application?

What is your favorite data structure, in what situation have you had to use it?

What are your favorite programming languages?

Tell me your experience in learning new technologies and the difficulties you faced during that.

How do you keep up with the rapid evolving software technologies?

Techinical Question:
Design an allergy class. The allergy will have its own set of symptoms reactions. The allergy will also have a spectrum of severity which the clinician should be aware of, and allergies can be reported by the patient or by next of kin.. Give rationales of your choice of data type. What if we need an onset date of the allergy or report date of the allergy? What if we need to pull something information out of the allergy such as a treatment method of this allergy?

感觉Cerner技术什么的确实不难,比较看重social skill, 技术类的问题多是OO design。 可能developer需要经常和客户打交道,沟通解决客户问题之类的,对表达能力比较看重。