L G 面经,顺求FB onsite 顺利


非CS,工程类PhD, 骑驴找马中,最近断断续续面了L G两家,L offer, G onsite 被拒
。分享面经,顺求明天FB onsite 顺利

L phone interview:
1. Implement Linked list.
2. nested integer list, 求weighted sum. weight 就是嵌套的层数。
3. Find a number in rotated sorted array, leet code 原题

L onsite:
1. Senior manager 谈PhD 项目,出了个关于ads monetize 的粗浅问题。聊的很愉快.
2. Senior software engineer 谈之前工作中得项目和系统。考察communiation, 水过。
3. Design question, tiny url service.
4. Coding: text justification. 考查Implementation, leetcode 原题。不难,就是
5. Coding: same tree, calculate product of an array without the number
itself, sort

G onsite:
1. printing a tree structure with giving collection of pairs of <parent,
child> relation. Need to first find the root, and validate wether the given
relations is a valid tree, and then printing.
2. LRU 实现
3. 记不清楚了,比较少见的一道题,0, 1开头byte,判断最后一个字符是一个byte还
4. Design a system to fast retrieve Fibonacci number.

提都不难,L基本就是题库里的题。G大意了,悲剧原因是coding 不fluent。感觉G更看
重coding, 还是得多多练习。