Google 面经


1. find all rotation symmetric numbers less than N digits,16891 -> 16891,
2. give integer, 12345, 返回 32154
give a targetstring and list of strings, find the longest string that
has target as prefix, follow up, stream of target string, 用trie,每个节点保
3. integer array add one
rotation abc->bcd->cde, give a list of strings, group them if them are
居然给我laptop,然后直接上面写,然后debug通过,给test case通过

4. given grid of colors, coordinate of a point and its color, find the
perimeter of the region that has the same color of that point.
鏉ユ簮涓憨.涓夊垎鍦拌鍧 print all morse code given the length constraints, short “*” takes one
, long “——“takes two. (find a bug in the code) 就是排列组合的典型题
5. design: chromecast, how to know which app can be supported? There is a
cloud that can give the information to the chrome cast, appID, deviceID,
cache design.