facebook intern,挂了,分享个题


2015(1-3月) 码农类 硕士 实习@Facebook – 内推 – Phone/Skype 技术电面 |Fail
facebook intern,面挂了也要来做做贡献,看了很多帖子,对我的面试很有帮助,在此谢谢大家的分享。就这一道题,水平太差,时间完了也没搞定。有做过的同学也麻烦分享下code,谢谢啦。

class IntFileIterator {
boolean hasNext();
int next();

class FileCompare {
public boolean isDistanceZeroOrOne(IntFileIterator a, IntFileIterator b);

// return if the distance between a and b is at most 1.. 1point3acres.com/bbs
// Distance: minimum number of modifications to make a=b
// Modification:-google 1point3acres
// 1. change an int in a
// 2. insert an int to a
// 3. remove an int from a