zillow onsite面经,为大A祈福~


昨天去seattle onsite了zillow,把面经发这里希望能等来大A的好消息(昨天一个做vedio面试的哥们悲剧了,亚历山大,看来vedio != offer。。。)

1. find first un-repeatted character in a stream.(注意是stream)
2. given an array, find the pair(A + B) sum which is closest to 0.
3. given a binary code, check whether it is a palindrome binary code.
4. given an integer, reverse its all digits. (eg. 1234 ->4321, we need consider the overflow)
5. given an prefix expression, convert it to a postfix expression(eg. +12 -> 12+).
6. algorithm design, how to design a load balancer for a web system(we need design a good partition or hash methods).

周一vedio面的大A, 到现在也没有消息,一个pending Offer 马上到期了。求大A显灵啊~